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Newborn Care

Bringing your baby home from the hospital or birthing center is a time of immense joy, but it can also be a little scary to take charge of such a precious infant. With Valencia Health, you can make sure your baby receives prompt care when needed. No appointments, just walk right in or book your spot online!

Newborn Care Q&A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care is the support you get after your child is born. When all the fuss of the birth dies down and you start on the routine daily care of your infant, it is important to establish care with a pediatrician to ensure your baby has the best possible start to life. 

The hospital team will have given you a great start and supplied you with all the advice and information you need. Chances are, your baby has had their first round of health checks, been weighed and measured, and received a Vitamin K shot and any vaccinations. 

But, even still, if you’re a new mom, taking charge of a precious little human can feel somewhat overwhelming. Thankfully, our team at Valencia Health is here to help guide you through any issues that may arise. 

When should I take my newborn for their first pediatrician’s exam?

Healthy, full-term babies usually need their first well visit with their pediatrician a few days after they’re born or have left the hospital.

If your baby was premature or there were any complications, you might need to see your pediatrician sooner. The hospital team will advise you before you go home.

Newborns usually need another check up at two weeks of age, then another at one month of age. Your pediatrician can advise you on how often your baby's well visits should be.

What happens during newborn care exams?

A newborn’s exam involves a comprehensive health check to make sure everything’s looking the way it should.

Your pediatrician measures his/her length, weight and the circumference of their head and compares the result to the their birth weight. Sometimes infants lose weight in their first few days, but it’s important to check they haven’t lost too much.

Your initial newborn care visits are also an opportunity to set up your baby’s schedule of immunizations. 

Most new moms have some areas they struggle with, whether it’s getting a good latch when breastfeeding or having problems getting your baby to sleep.

How can Valencia Health Pediatric Urgent Care help me with my newborn?

Having a newborn for the first time can be a very overwhelming process.

As pediatricians, we try our best to answer any and all questions, and provide the most up to date information and guidance possible.

Even then, we are sometimes left with more questions than answers, many times at odd hours of the day, when our pediatrician is not available.

That is where Valencia Health can step in. Our pediatric urgent care center is designed to provide the highest quality of care with convenient after-hours availability. 

We can evaluate your baby, and together decide the best course of action. After your visit, we will coordinate the appropriate follow up with your primary care provider. 

IMPORTANT: If your newborn has any of the following danger signs, it is best for your baby to be evaluated at your nearest Emergency Department: temperature 100.4F or above, decrease in number of wet diapers, not feeding, persistent vomiting or diarrhea, abnormal behavior or unresponsive.