Sprains and Strains

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Sprains and Strains
Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are common childhood injuries, and knowing where to turn can make parents of active children feel much more comfortable. Jonathan Valencia, MD, FAAP, DABOM, of Valencia Health Pediatric Urgent Care in Corona, New York, offers prompt treatment for sprains and strains and can help your child feel better as quickly as possible. Set up an acute care visit online or by phone to get started.  

Sprains and Strains Q&A

What causes sprains and strains?

Sprains and strains are among the most common types of childhood injuries. Many kids will experience these issues at one point or another, and the more active your child is, the more likely they are to have sprains and strains. 


A sprain occurs when the connective tissues that bind bones together (ligaments) become stretched or torn. While ligaments are incredibly tough, actions like jumping, running, or pivoting can place enough strain on a joint to damage these connective tissues. 


A strain occurs when muscle tissue is damaged or torn, especially the muscle tissue that connects muscle to bone (tendons). Pushing too hard during athletic practice or play is a common cause of muscle strains. 

Engaging in an active lifestyle is an incredibly important aspect of pediatric health. That said, kids who exert their bodies are at a higher risk for common sports injuries, including strains and sprains.   

What are some of the symptoms of sprains and strains?

Parents should be aware of the symptoms of sprains and strains so they know when to seek professional pediatric care for these common injuries. Some of the signs of sprains and strains include:

  • Pain
  • Limited ability to move a joint
  • Swelling
  • Feeling or hearing a popping sound at the time of injury
  • Pain that worsens when you put weight on a joint
  • Numbness or tingling in a joint

Kids in youth athletics can reduce the risk of sprains and strains by working with their coaches to properly train and learning how to perform motions without creating undue strain on joints. 

When should I bring my child in for sprains and strains care?

Many symptoms of minor sprains and strains will improve after a few days of self-care. However, if pain is severe or does not respond to self-care efforts like rest, elevation, icing, or compression, it may be time to seek professional care. 

Valencia Health Pediatric Urgent Care has a range of diagnostic tools to determine the extent of sprains and strains, including digital X-rays. Treatment options include splinting and bracing to help remove some of the pressure on damaged joints, giving the body time to heal. 

When you need prompt care for sprains and strains, call the office to see if a same-day visit is possible. Online booking is available around the clock.